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STRIPPED: Karina Bingham

Posted by Khavory Lee on

STRIPPED is where we sit down with our makeup mavens and muses and let them reveal what’s underneath that smooth skin of theirs. We chat it all—skin care, self care, fears and fame. Here are some highlights from our oh-so-real interview with Karina Bingham. She chats us up on her Brazilian roots, becoming a momma in a new country, and navigating life’s little adventures with authenticity.
What started your journey as an Instagram Influencer?
I worked as a dentist in Brazil, until 2016 when I moved to the USA. I had a baby here, finding it difficult missing my family and friends in Brazil. Moving to a new country and adapting and building a new life here was a difficult process, especially emotionally, as it is not easy to immigrate. I was here alone, and couldn't work as a Dentist with it’s long process. I felt the need to occupy my head with something besides motherhood. 2017 is when it all started. I started sharing my routine, giving tips on fashion, makeup and motherhood. Not only sharing the good things, but the difficulties of life too. I soon created a community mainly of Brazilian and Latino immigrant women who were going through the same thing.
What is a tip you like to give others about skin care? 
Hydration. Well-hydrated skin is everything, and it always looks healthier.
How does No Mo-Stache play a role in your skincare routine?
It’s better for my skin to absorb my skincare products. Since I started using No Mo-Stache products, my skin looks healthier and smoother 
How do you strive to inspire your community of followers on Instagram?
Showing a real life. I know that behind cellphone screens, there are real people, with real lives. I don't show a perfect routine because no one has one. I show my reality, I share my problems, my insecurities, my fears, and my challenges because I know all of these things make me human and can help someone else in some way.
What is one thing you have found rewarding about motherhood?
Being a mother is growing up and maturing. This is a big reward, but it’s also understanding the real reason for my purpose in life, and for what I feel for my daughter.
And most important of all, the love and the connection with my child, this is the biggest reward that motherhood gives me.
What is a self care ritual that helps you feel grounded?
I always like to take a moment to myself. I like baths with hot water and foam, light my favorite candle and put on my favorite music. Then I moisturize my hair, exfoliate my skin, and take care of myself almost like it’s a day spa. It makes me very relaxed.
Do you have any words you live by to keep you motivated?
Yes, my favorite quote is: ‘Bloom where God sows you.’ This always reminds me that no matter what country I am in, or what situations I face, wherever God places me, he will give me some opportunity. And I must use this opportunity to grow.

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