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STRIPPED: Nanci Carrero

Posted by Gita Vasseghi on

STRIPPED: Nanci Carrero

STRIPPED is where we sit down with our makeup mavens and muses and let them reveal what’s underneath that smooth skin of theirs. We chat it all—skin care, self care, fears and fame. Check some highlights from our most recent interview with gal pal, Nanci Carrero. Nanci is super sweet to sit down with us and let us know what makes her glow!

What started your journey as an Instagram Influencer?
Since I was a teenager I loved makeup. At the age of 19, a friend invited me to a basic self-makeup course. I fell in love with makeup so much that I couldn't resist it, and continued my studies until I was a professional makeup artist.
How does No Mo-Stache play a role in your skincare routine?
I love No Mo-Stache because when I wax my face it makes my skin so soft and smooth. It also helps to make the application of my makeup much easier, leaving it with an incredible finish.
How do you strive to inspire your community of followers on Instagram?
My way of inspiring my followers is reminding them we can do everything that we desire, and that to achieve our dreams we must work hard. Everything has a sacrifice, but the rewards will come.
In what ways has being a makeup artist been an emotional outlet for you?
 I love doing makeup and I am grateful that my job is doing what I love most. I love seeing the smiles of each person when they look in the mirror after doing their makeup is priceless. I love teaching and it makes me happy to teach others.

What’s a weekly self care ritual that makes you feel grounded?

Definitely putting on makeup, creating content, working on makeup, pampering myself  and spending time with the family make me feel alive

Do you have any words you live by to keep you motivated?

Consistency and Discipline.

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