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STRIPPED: @lucilaslife

Posted by Gita Vasseghi on

STRIPPED is a safe space for our No Mo-Stache besties to reveal what’s underneath their smooth skin. Here, we talk about vulnerability, empowerment and confidence through skin care journeys. This month, I spoke with Lucila Arellano- a self-taught makeup maven from the South Texas border making a stamp on Instagram with her aesthetic shots of all things fashion and beauty.

What started your journey as a make-up artist and creative? 

I’ve always been fascinated with all things beauty and fashion. Throughout my life, I was able to express myself and have a unique sense of style. As I began my journey, I would watch tutorials to improve my techniques, practice for hours in my room, and take pictures in a blank corner of my room. One day, I thought posting would be a fun idea, and thinking about this now, I’m so glad that I did because what began as a hobby is now something that has blossomed into a beautiful journey.  

What is your “go-to” product in your skin care routine?

Moisturizer is definitely my go to baby. Without it, my skin feels lost. They’re like a match made in heaven! 
Young woman in a park plucks her eyebrows with a No Mo-Stache tweezer.

How does No Mo-Stache play a role in your skincare routine?

The No Mo-Stache facial razor has a very special place in my heart. Derma planing my face feels so easy now; and as a dry skin gal, I know I can trust and recommend this beauty tool to my fellow dry skin beauties!

In what ways do you strive to inspire your community of followers on Instagram?

One of the important messages I give my followers is to stay true to themselves. I know social media can be a place where one can question themselves physically and mentally, but it’s important to embrace ourselves. There is no other YOU, so show the world what you got!

I can also tell you're a fashion lover by the shots of your fabulous shoes- Where do you come up with your concepts to bring together fashion + makeup + lifestyle with your graphic design?

I started to incorporate fashion and lifestyle content a little after I started with just makeup. Most of my makeup looks are considered to be on the bold and creative side, therefore I wanted my other content to have the same type of aesthetic. I love embracing my uniqueness, so I always try to do anything out of the ordinary! 
Young Woman in a park sips coffee surrounded by flowers.

What’s a weekly self care ritual that makes you feel great?

This may sound a little bit silly, but an iced coffee is one of my favorite weekly self-care rituals! Siempre hay tiempo para un cafecito! 

What is something positive you say or do to lift your spirits?

One of the things I like to say to myself is to remain positive, and to be proud of how far I’ve come on my journey. I’ve learned that life isn’t a race. So it’s best to enjoy the ride and achieve my goals at my own pace.
A young woman in a park poses with the No Mo-Stache heart mirror.

Do you have any words you live by to keep you grounded?

You are the author of your story, So echale ganas, mija! Vida solo hay una.

You can find Lucila on Instagram at @lucilaslife.


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