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STRIPPED: @katieartistry

Posted by Khavory Lee on

STRIPPED is a safe space for our No Mo-Stache friends to reveal what’s underneath their smooth skin. Here we talk about vulnerability, empowerment and confidence through our friends' skin care journeys. Come join our conversation with Katie of @katieartisty, a 19 year old from Montana who is raising the bar for what it means to be a young make-up artist.

What started your journey as a make-up artist at such a young age?

"I started my makeup when I was 11. I started watching Youtube videos, and became obsessed. I just wanted to play with it, but I’d never wear it out. Then when I was 16 I started my Instagram page.”

What is in your skin care that keeps your skin so silky and glowing?

"I have oily skin, and I’ve found that moisturizers that are marketed for oily skin do nothing for it. So I love a really heavy moisturizer, and I know it is not everyone’s thing. But it has been the key to my skin looking the way it does."

How does No Mo-Stache play a role in your skincare routine?

“I fell in love with the facial razor, I use it at least once a week. It has made my skin so smooth, and makes make-up application look amazing.”

In what ways do you strive to inspire your community of followers on Instagram?

“The whole message of everything that I do is that I want people to express themselves however they want to and feel. As long as you know what you want and how you want to feel, nothing else matters.”

How has being a make-up artist been an outlet for you through stressful times?

“I am a very quiet and reserved person. I feel like because of that a lot of people don't get to see my personality. Makeup is a great outlet for me to express myself and show everybody who I am.”

What’s a weekly self care hobby or ritual that makes you feel great?

“A weekly bubble bath is necessary for me.”

What is something positive you say or do to stay positive during this unprecedented time?

“Spending time with family and talking to friends is something I've found important in order to find normalcy in my days."

Do you have any words you live by to keep you grounded?

"Everything happens for a reason."

What do you do in your craft that allows you to break the barriers of beauty?

“I don't believe there are any barriers. With what I do, I try to remind people that there are no barriers and you can do whatever you want."

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