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Wet Hot American Summer: Vacation Packing Must Haves

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Wet, Hot American Summer: Vacation Packing Must Haves

Nothing screams summer louder than fantasizing about that sizzling summer vacation you have planned.  We have been dreaming about it for months, and prepping for it for weeks. We have been polished, plucked, waxed, and prepared everything we can possibly think of.  For me, it seems that no matter how much planning I do, I always forget something. The last thing I want to do once I reach my much awaited for destination is try to track down a drugstore to have to buy all the bare necessities I left behind.

Whether you plan on lounging by the pool at the hottest resort, or you plan to soak up some sun on the French Riviera, this is a list of light-weight, must pack items for any kind of summer trip you have planned:

Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

First off, nothing takes the fun out of a great vacation like the sting of a sunburn. Not only are burns painful, but they are also damaging to your skin and can cause premature aging.  After all the prepwork you just put into perfecting your summer skin, your skin may be even more prone to burns! Be extra careful that the product you use doesn’t leave you susceptible to extra sun damage.

Don’t spend your vacation feeling the burn, find the perfect sunscreen for your needs, and load up.  With so many different formulas and options, there should be no reason to skip this crucial step. Some of my favorites include: Coola Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 (they also have a great sunscreen stick for your pout), Coppertone Pure and Simple for Faces, La Roche-Posay Melt In Sunscreen Milk. (If you need some more options, check out this derm-picked list: http://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-sunscreens-for-face-according-to-dermatologists.html)

**If you do happen to forget to reapply and need some aloe to relieve the burn, be sure to pick an alcohol free version, and keep in the fridge for extra cooling

Hat, Chapeau, Sombrero… Whatever you want to call it, PACK ONE!

While sunscreen is great for preventing sun damage, take care of the delicate skin on your face and neck even further with your favorite hat.  I don’t care what style you wear, but in my opinion the bigger the better! A few to check out: ‘Joanna’ Straw Hat by Brixton, Madewell x Biltmore Wide Brim Rainbow Straw Hat, Adidas Trefoil Cap.

Wax Kits! (For those unsuspecting strays)

Now that we have that pesky sunburn under wraps, let’s move onto the next annoyance to prep for with an easy packing hack.  That stray hair that will inevitably creep up your bikini line, or your upper lip just when you found the perfect spot to sunbathe! No Mo-Stache wax kits are the easiest, most convenient wax kits to fit in your carry on to ensure your smoothest summer yet! They are portable, easy to pack, and won’t leave you in a lurch trying to find a last minute esthetician you can trust in a new location.  Who wants to spend precious vacation time in search of cheap, disposable razors that will likely leave you with the second most dreaded burn- the Razor Burn! Pick up a pack of each, No Mo-Stache, and No Mo- Bush, and prepared for any pesky strays that try to get in your way.

Swimsuits… And More Swimsuits!

Maybe it's just me, but I hate having to put on a disgusting damp swimsuit from the day before because I didn’t think to pack enough swimsuits.  Or realize that I did not pack a proper suit for that last minute parasailing opportunity, and have to worry about what may be falling out of my suit when I just want to have some fun. Think about where you are going, and try to pack enough suits to have a few to change into.  I also like to pack a dry bag when I go on beach vacations, so my damp suit doesn’t leave that musty damp on the rest of my stuff.

Check out some of 2019’s hottest suits here: https://www.popsugar.com/fashion/photo-gallery/45617247/image/45617261/Marysia-Santaquin-Maillot-Swimsuit

These are some of my tried and true, packing hacks that keep me relaxed on my much needed vacations.  Getting to take advantage of every second I have on my trip is one of my main vacay priorities, and the items on this list have proved to give just that. What are some of your vacation must haves?


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